Teachers and students benefit from advanced reporting from MIS

07/03/2018 10:38:42 | WCBS

When Anglo Singapore International School in Thailand began expanding, it became evident that it needed a much better system for documenting its students and their progress. Records had to be in one place to effectively run day to day operations, track performance and for long term planning.

The school chose to move to a single integrated MIS, and along the way, Elvin Macatangay, Schools Superintendent, and Charven Ligan, Database Manager learnt what really matters to an international school:

“Select an MIS that is flexible and can coexist with your other applications. Make sure that the system you choose can be customised. As an international school, we have unique practices and it’s important to be able to adapt for how you want to use it.

Ease of use is essential. Your system must be user friendly for all staff, regardless of their technology skills.

You need to be able to control the access of data by different people.

Support from your MIS provider needs to be accessible and openminded so that you can work together to achieve solutions. We take a team approach with WCBS regarding support and that is very beneficial.

Contact WCBS! We know now that we can trust them, not only in helping us to create a system that’s absolutely right for our school, but also in the ongoing support that they are able to give us.”

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