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  • Admissions

    From day-to-day tasks to more strategic analysis how about fast and easy-to-use school information management tools to ease the pressure of admissions?
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  • Admin

    See the back of time-consuming administrative tasks and provide fast access to the right information in seconds.
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  • Academic

    Say goodbye to clunky classroom admin tasks and free teachers up to teach and inspire.
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  • Finance

    Provide finance teams with the best number-crunching tools to complete their work efficiently and create invaluable reports for senior leaders.
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  • Integration

    Join up multiple software solutions with ease. Get a bird’s-eye view of school, pupil and financial information with no duplication or mismatches.
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  • Strategy

    With information that is 100% accurate, relevant and up-to-date, you can be confident that our reports from your data can honestly support strategic decision making.
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  • Communication

    Find out how to offer the best methods of communication between home and school – particularly important for those who live far away.
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  • Fundraising

    Give staff access to the tools they need to make your school’s fundraising activities successful - see the funds come rolling in!
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New WCBS website now live

This week I am pleased to announce the launch of the new WCBS website. The change of website is reflective of the new stage we enter...

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School information management - there is a better way

School information management - there is a better way

Information about WCBS and how we help schools manage their data
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