Our WCBS schoolPORTAL provides outstanding communication for all.

These days parents expect to be able to know and manage everything to do with their child’s education at the touch of a button. Our technology can help your school communicate and interact effectively with parents, pupils and bill payers, keeping them in the know, reassured and up-to-date.

Why choose our WCBS schoolPORTAL for communicating online with parents, pupils and bill payers?

As a customer-facing product your MIS school portal needs to look good, work really well, and impress your parent community. It provides an insight for them to learn more about the way your school functions and the importance you place on technology. Our WCBS schoolPORTAL offers school communication at its very best. We’ve been working tirelessly on this aspect of our MIS and believe it’s a true market leader. Get parents excited with this functionality and improve communication between school and home.

WCBS schoolPORTAL delivers a wealth of benefits for your school

Improve admin efficiency and communication with parents and pupils
Provides valuable and up-to-date insight for parents on their child’s progress
Increase the level of parent communication and involvement
Encourage pupil engagement and development
Save money on printing and postage costs
Improves cash flow with online payments

Parents are able to stay constantly in touch with their childrens' progress with immediate access to

Their child’s information
Published school reports
Academic data
Bills and account information
Pupil attendance
Timetables, by day or week
Achievements and disciplinary details

Pupils will benefit from always having essential information at their fingertips

Key materials
Achievements and disciplinary details
Documents from teachers
Up to date assessments

Bill payers will also be able to utilise WCBS schoolPORTAL to view

Bill and transaction notifications
Online payment facilities
A view of bills and payments, items awaiting billing and key documentation

WCBS schoolPORTAL can be completely customised with your school’s logos and colours to promote your school and create a true community, and by setting up and assigning permissions, you deliver a more personalised experience. Furthermore, it’s available in any language - so in addition to all of the benefits above, it can be used globally, providing effective engagement for staff, parents and pupils from London to Hong Kong and beyond!

Now for the techy bit. Our WCBS schoolPORTAL product has been created using responsive web design technology. It is accessible from your website, can run on all popular devices including laptops, smart phones and tablets, and is secure via SSL.

Why not give it a try?
It is easy to use, intuitive and provides instant access to all the information everyone needs in a flash.

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